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My makeup journey began at a young age when I first stepped into the world of cosmetics. I quickly developed a deep passion for the beauty industry. The invaluable training I received from major beauty houses propelled me forward, and after completing school, I pursued a full-time career as a beauty and makeup consultant.

Throughout my journey, I have been fortunate to collaborate with exceptionally talented and creative individuals in the industry. Their expertise and inspiration have shaped my growth and evolution over the years. Presently, I work as a freelance and mobile makeup artist, serving clients in and around Malawi. My specialization lies in various domains, including bridal makeup, wedding retinue makeup, glamour makeup, photo-shoot makeup, and personalized makeup lessons, Hair and Nails.

Located in Blantyre, Machinjiri, My beauty spar serves as a space where I not only offer my services but also conduct informative and engaging makeup lessons. I believe in sharing my knowledge and empowering others to enhance their beauty skills. Stay connected with me on social media to stay updated on my latest work, exclusive promotions and new product releases.

I’m dedicated to provide top-notch hair, Nails and makeup services for all occasions. I’m deeply passionate about my craft and possess extensive industry knowledge and credentials, ensuring that my clients receive nothing short of excellence.

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